Intertwine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website?

Intertwine is an online learning community. We bring together participants of online courses and of courses around the world with a shared curriculum. Our users couldn’t normally connect in person, being all over the globe. So we host video chats where they can learn from each other as they work on a team to solve real-world problems.

How can I make an account?

Intertwine works closely with course instructors. You need to follow your instructor's directions for joining their community. If you're a Wiki Ed student, you need to follow a link from your course dashboard the first time you sign up, and then you can click the Wikipedia icon on the login page to login with your Wikipedia credentials after that.
All other course participants should look for emails from the instructor with this infomation or contact the instructor directly.

I’m having trouble getting into a video chat. What’s up?

To use our video chat software, you should be on a modern computer running the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You’ll also, of course, need a webcam to participate. Most laptops are ready to go!
We do not recommend accessing the chats with a mobile phone or tablet, as the format of our chat rooms is not well-suited to mobile devices.

What are your video chat rooms like?

A picture is worth at least a paragraph in this case.

Chat rooms feature a preview of your own camera, video from other members’ cameras, a collaborative notepad you can use to share links and keep track of ideas, and some instructions to guide you as you work on a team project.

How long do video chat sessions last?

Usually an hour, but no one’s counting if you want to talk for a little longer.

How closely should I follow the instructions provided in a chat?

They’re written very carefully and meant to help you learn and work effectively as a team. So try to follow them.

How do I navigate the instruction slides in a chat?

You can view the next slide of the instruction box by clicking on the right arrow and the previous slide by clicking on the left arrow.

If you expand the left sidebar, you’ll see the slides listed by their titles. You can also click on these buttons to go from one slide to the other.

Am I being recorded in these video chats?

In some cases, the platform is being used for research, and it may be helpful for the researchers to record a chat room. If this is the case, you will be explicitly notified well before the chat and given the opportunity not to participate.

Where did you get your cool icons?

Most icons used throughout the site were obtained courtesy of Noun Project and are used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, except where noted. The home page features Gregor Cresnar’s Video Chat and Emanuela Damiani’s Cloud Upload. The default user profile picture is Celina Chang’s Profile. It was modified so as to have a white background. Also on the home page is Duke Innovation Co-Lab’s Collaborative Learning, which is a public domain image.


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